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Breaking Free: Empowering Change in Healthcare - A Journey Towards Exceptional PT Care, by Dr. Taylor Kurtz

Updated: Jan 25

Dr. Kurtz and Family

Twenty-three. This was the daunting number of patients presented to me one Fall day at

my previous corporate clinic. I was still feeling the mental fatigue of the previous day’s

19 patients, with several still needing paperwork completed. Regardless, it was time to

buckle up and triage which people today were a high priority and which ones could be

directed to a technician.

physical therapist helping patient
Physical Therapy

Folks arrive two and three at a time each hour. The ones who are trending in the right

direction will go straight to see Dom, our PT technician. The patients who are truly

struggling will get a bit of hands-on therapy before then being transferred to Dom. Each

person who appeared was physically struggling in their way, and I craved to form a

connection with them in order to help them the most. My burning desire was to get to

know these people and understand them. Unfortunately, there was minimal time

allotted. This is the nature of the beast in the modern-day, triple-booking PT clinic. The

PT on-boarding orientation includes how to maximize insurance billing, and each patient

is expected to be seen 12-15 times before discharge, no matter the condition. Quarterly

check-ins revolve around spreadsheets of metrics and required productivity quotas.

Seeing 20+ patients in a day is commonplace and a strategy aimed at maximizing

profits but ultimately resulting in subpar care.

I was following the model deemed the best path from those in academia: Doctorate,

residency, then board-certification. With these three completed, my next step was to

operate my own corporate clinic as a director. Surely I could be a ripple of compassion

and change within this company. The next 9 months were eye-opening; peering into the

world with so many outside investors and traders having a hand in the pot. Every large,

regional meeting I went to focused on which branch was the most profitable or could

payout the most dividends for private investors.

Patient outcomes were never presented, patient stories were never told. Victories of

how patients had avoided surgery or ran for the first time in years carried no weight and

weren’t a factor in which clinics operated the best. Signing more investors, amassing

more clinics, and planning to go public were the highest priorities.

Pic of a sad puppy face during corporate productivity meeting
Sad puppy face during corporate productivity meeting

After years of adhering to this mode, I decided to break away and start my own PT

practice; fueled by a burning desire to reject the status quo and prioritize the excellence

I knew patients deserved. About a year into my journey, I crossed paths with Spencer

and Courtney at Revive Spine and Sport. They also had a 5-year-old daughter and

voiced the same sentiments which sparked us to each start our practices. Over the next

few months, we would share patient cases, discuss what our kids were getting into, and

talk about our aspirations for transforming the PT landscape. Spencer’s notable words

“We are here to force change” have become our mantra. Naturally, our families’

connection and common goals to radically change healthcare prompted us to team


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Doctors of physical therapy
Revive Spine and Sport

I am proud to be a part of a team that prioritizes patient outcomes above all else and

creates time in the appointment to make a connection with the person in front of us. We

are pioneers in the field of healthcare – one where top-notch PT care is non-negotiable.

If you have seen multiple doctors, have been dealing with an injury long-term, or feel

you have received subpar care – we have helped so many people with these stories.

We set aside time each day for phone calls to discuss what you’re dealing with and the

best solutions to help. Whether you've seen multiple doctors, have been dealing with a

persistent injury, or feel you haven't received the care you deserve, we're here to help.

Please reach out to us for a call, or share our information with a family member or friend

who could benefit from our expertise.

picture of physical therapist and daughter in mountains
Dr. Taylor Kurtz and daughter

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