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What you should know

Dr. Taylor Kurtz is an exceptional Doctor of Physical Therapy. He is a Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialist who is driven by an unwavering passion for revolutionizing the healthcare system through high-quality, personalized, 1 on 1 treatments.

Dr. Kurtz's educational journey began with an undergraduate degree from Texas State University, followed by his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from South College in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. To further refine his expertise, he successfully completed his orthopedic residency with EIM (Evidence in Motion)  in affiliation with Texas State University.

As a lifelong learner, Dr. Kurtz continuously seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and skill set. He has dedicated himself to specialized training in manual therapy, dry needling, and spinal manipulation. This advanced training ensures he is able to provide the most comprehensive and effective treatment plans.

Outside of his professional life, Dr. Kurtz enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter. They create lasting memories on the dance floor at Gruene Hall, enjoy the serenity of the riverbanks, and indulge in their love for tacos. In his free time, Dr. Kurtz plays the guitar, engages in paintball, goes camping, and enjoys live music.

A note from the man himself: "I've chosen to partner with Revive Spine and Sport because of a shared belief in giving our patients outstanding 1-on-1 care while changing the healthcare system for the better.  After working within the traditional healthcare system, double-booking and triple-booking patients is common, but not sustainable.  An excellent evaluation and treatment requires getting to know someone, listening well, and doing a thorough examination.  Revive is here to force change." 

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