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Our ultimate goal is your independence with long term control of your symptoms. To help ensure your success here is a list of issues previous patients have had. 

Increased symptoms

After beginning that pain management process you may feel more intense symptoms. While this is not the goal it is part of the learning process and as long as you understand the principles of centralization (yay! but ow.) vs. peripheralization (booo.) you can easily determine when to keep moving and when something needs to change. In order to provide the most accurate guidance please provide the activity being performed, response during the movement, and the response immediately following.

No Change

Full resolution takes time and can be a bit of a rollercoaster but changer should be quick. If you have put the effort in to consistently perform your pain management exercise and have double checked body mechanics this means it is time to:

1) Assess an alternate directional preference

2) Progress the force and/or frequency

3) Redirect the structures being targeted

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