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What you should know

My name is Spencer Noble, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy as well as Dry Needling. My wife and I created Revive Spine and Sport in order to fill the gap between patient and provider. When I completed my first MDT course, I knew that there was something different about this technique. Each time I came back from a course I had a newfound enthusiasm for being the best PT I could be for my patients. I was transformed as a clinician. At this point, I had been exposed to the good, bad, and ugly of the spine care industry and I knew that MDT was my ticket to making a difference in this broken system. 


Overall health and fitness had always been a part of our lives and we knew the mark we could make would change lives forever. In 2021 we were ready to change lives the way we knew people deserved. Revive was created and we have not looked back since, except wondering how we lasted that long in such a system. I firmly believe that I have the knowledge and passion to not only change my patients' lives but to change the status quo. I am here to force change. I am here to teach my patients that they have the right to question their healthcare providers. I am here to make sure that what has become acceptable in the healthcare industry is squashed.


Revive Spine and Sport is a fee-for-service practice serving our hometown of New Braunfels and surrounding areas. We also offer telehealth visits to accommodate your busy life and those outside driving distance. We strive to create an environment that ensures patients feel like family, helping to bring out the best in each other!


Your goals will guide treatment, your dedication will dictate the outcomes. 

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