Invest in a better future

We are out of network with all insurance companies. We chose this route to ensure that we base your treatment on your goals and there is no concern about extending treatments to maximize reimbursement rates.

This model also allows your Doctor of Physical Therapy to remain focused solely on your treatment and achieving the goals you deem important. 


Initial Evaluation

The key to a successful plan is an in-depth, accurate assessment of current functional deficits. We will explore and discuss possible pain generators, potential aggravating factors, body mechanics, and your overall wellness goals. 


Once all of these factors have been assessed we will determine your specific pain management techniques, postural support options, and your ultimate prognosis. 

During this process, it is important to be as specific as possible with your reports.

Prior to your evaluation some things to think about:

1) When did my pain start?

2) Was there a specific trigger?

3) Can I find relief in any specific positions?

4) Is there a time of day/night when I feel no pain?

5) What activities/positions/medications aggravate my pain?

6) How do I feel first thing in the morning compared to after I get moving?