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After 3 failed spinal surgeries, countless injections, and a spinal cord stimulator I found Dr. Noble. I recently had the stim removed and feel better spine pain relief now!

Dr. Noble took the time to understand my goals to ensure I stayed motivated to surpass them! Nerve pain relief seemed impossible before now!

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How It Works:

At Revive Spine and Sport I know that you want to be actively engaged in everyday life. In order to do that, you need guidance from someone that is invested in your progress. The problem is that typical treatment is non-specific, ineffective, and time-consuming which makes you feel frustrated with conservative care. I believe that an effective plan revolves around empathy, education, and empowerment. I understand the frustration and hopelessness towards typical treatment which is why we utilize the Mckenzie Method to create your individualized plan of care.

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Step 1:


A thorough history combined with an advanced mechanical assessment is used to determine the most effective, efficient, and individualized plan of care. 

Step 2:

Control your symptoms

You will be provided a very specific pain management tool which is performed on a regular schedule. Generally this is one movement repeated every couple of hours for the first few days. Your response to this allows us to quickly gain control over your symptoms. 

Step 3:

Return to activity

Once we have controlled your symptoms we need to address any weaknesses, imbalances, and faulty mechanics. This part allows you to prevent recurrence and feel better than ever before. A monthly check in may be disscussed to allow your contiued progression post plan of care completion.


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